Is Pomade Good For Hair?

Pomades are especially beneficial for guys with thick/curly hair, since they’ll hold your style in place while keeping hair looking healthy.

Pomades also add moisture and shine to dry, frizzy hair, taming flyaways.

Is pomade bad for hair?

As surprising as it may sound, pomade is NOT harmful to the hair. Pomade is of two types, oil and water based. The myth that originated about pomade and is still in existence is that it is bad for the hair and causes hair loss has no evidence of authenticity. Although you can apply few common hair loss treatments.

What does pomade do to your hair?

Pomade is a hair styling product that has been used for decades to achieve many different hairstyles. Whether you want slick backed hair, shiny hair, messy but styled hair, or spiked up hair, pomade is a wonderful choice to achieve the look and have it last all day long.

Is it bad to use pomade everyday?

I mean, if you shampoo your hair every other day or two, do just that. Depending on the pomade you’re using (if it’s a wax or petrolatum based pomade,) it won’t thoroughly wash out with ordinary shampoo. You’ll be gradually adding pomade into your hair throughout the week, which builds up your immunity to the grease!

How often should you put pomade in your hair for waves?

Try products like WaveBuilder Natural Wave Pomade, and Shea Moisture Three Butters Styling Pomade. Last thing: Make sure you don’t over-grease your hair by loading it up with too much moisturizer. Only apply moisturizer once or twice a week, maximum 3 times, depending on how dry your hair gets.