Question: Can You Use Resin On Clay?

Resin isn’t usually cast in polymer clay molds, but it’s been suggested that raw polymer clay would work as a mold (and without a release).

Can you use resin on polymer clay?

While some resins are very thick and are formulated for casting, others are thin and intended to be used as a brush-on coating. Nail salons have been using UV resin for years. You can use UV-cure nail polish on polymer clay, in fact. Clear UV-cure topcoats are a great way to get a clear coating on polymer clay.

Can you use clay molds for resin?

Most resin molds are a hard plastic and a mold release should always be used. You pour the clay into the mold, leave it for a period of time, pour it out, and then you leave the mold sit until the clay starts to separate from the mold and can support itself.

Can you use epoxy on clay?

Epoxy clay will stick to almost anything as well as putting layers on already cured clay. Epoxy clay can be sanded or carved with rotary tools or stone sculpting tools after it is hardened. Both polymer clay and epoxy clay can be mixed and used with your hands as they do not have harmful chemicals or irritants.

Can you bake resin eyes?

Don’t put resin eyes in the oven. Resin will react to high heat and depending on the materials, can react to sitting out in the sun too long.